Site Configuration

Some hints for using the Site Config screen.

Throughout these Help pages we refer to Site Config and sometimes give a Variable Name, in capitals, e.g. INVOICE_DIVERT_SUBSCRIPTION. To review or edit a Config Item, go to Site Config in the admin menu, and use the Variable Name filter (top left) by typing or pasting in all or part of the variable name. If you can’t edit it, that means it is restricted and you need to ask for help.

To find all email formats, filter the Variable Name on HTML. This finds a few other rich-text items, but it will find all the emails (except for admin notifications). You can best look for a specific email format by pasting a phrase from an actual email into the “Value” filter. For more general email settings, filter Variable Name on “email” (without the quotes).

Some Config items apply to each individual lodge (this only applies to multi-lodge clubs). You will see an entry for each lodge in this case. You can find all such items by chosing “lodge details” in the “group” filter.

Config Items are recursively substituted into each other. Don’t create a circular reference! So an email format can include the value of any other config item by using #notation# where you put the name of the item to be included instead of “notation”. You will see plenty of examples of this in the existing email formats. %notation% refers to items that are sourced from a relevant database record, either a booking, a member record or a transaction.

If you are looking for an item and aren’t sure of it’s name, use the Variable Name filter and try some likely words. Chances are you will find what you are looking for.

What isn’t in the Configuration Item table?

Tariffs aren’t here, nor are season periods, member classes, cancellation credits, optional extras nor room details. Look for all of these elsewhere in your admin menu.

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