Online Payments

You can choose either Paypal or eWay for online payments, plus we provide a gateway to Go Cardless for Electronic Funds Transfer (eChecks).

Online payments save you time by automating creation of receipts and confirming bookings. It can also update members’ financial status when they pay their subscriptions.

eWay is cheaper than Paypal and provides better software. Go Cardless is even lower cost and transfers funds from your member’s bank account, not using a credit nor debit card. Click here for a spreadsheet to help you compare costs between Paypal, eWay and Go Cardless.

Setting up eWay

How to set up a new eWay account and connect it to the Booking Service: (more…)

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Setting up Paypal

REST API Creation (more…)

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Direct Debit Gateway

Go Cardless is a direct debit (eCheck) gateway that operates much like a credit card gateway. Members create a payment mandate and your Booking Service takes payments from their bank account. (more…)

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