Domains & IT Management

Let us manage your domain name, DNS and email deliverability.

Every year a few of our customers go offline, websites disappear, emails are not delivered, bookings can’t be made nor managed. This happens because the domain name didn’t get renewed. For a payment that needs to be made only once every one or two years, and with changing office bearers, the invoice gets missed.

You can transfer your domain name to our wholesale account with Synergy Wholesale. We undertake to transfer the domain at your direction at any time in the future. No charge for the transfer, unless a renewal is due, in which case we invoice you for the renewal, at competitive retail rates.

Unlike your current domain registrar, your domain won’t expire and stop working if you forget to pay. Your domain renews automatically on our account and we include an annual fee, equivalent to the retail cost, in your annual booking service invoice.

We provide DNS on the Amazon Cloud for your domain (no charge for this), and manage it for you. This includes setting up all your email parameters to ensure emails get delivered, and not to the junk folder.

Note that we can also host your WordPress website.

Vanity Domains

You can use your own domain name for bookings. (more…)

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