Documents are stored securely on our server. You specify an access level for each document. If you specify a level higher than PUBLIC, a login is required to download the document. You can restrict a document to any administrator access level (higher levels can also download), or Member level (admins can also download), or PUBLIC.

The list of documents is displayed via the Member/Public menu and visibility of the menu item is controlled by Role DISPLAY_DOCUMENTS. This role also also controls access to be able to list documents. Only those documents that can be downloaded by the user’s access level are listed. This Role does not control which documents can be downloaded,

Delivery of each document is by a link which does not change. Security is provided using the Apache webserver module X-sendfile which is fast and secure. You can share the link but it will result in an Authorisation Error if the recipient is not logged in with sufficient access. Note that the link will work regardless of Role DISPLAY_DOCUMENTS if the user has access to the specific document – the Role only prevents listing documents, not downloading them.

You can copy the link to a document from your admin menu – right click on the file name and choose “copy link address”. You can put this link into an email or into your website.

Upload and manage documents in admin menu → admin → documents.