SMS (Text Message)

The Booking Service can send text messages to mobile numbers including many overseas countries.

See below for types of SMS messages that can be sent. If you don’t see what you want below, get in touch to see if your SMS request can be added.

Text messages can substitute tokens just like emails can, but beware the size of the text message will increase with token interpolation – longer messages that take multiple SMS to send are charged per SMS.

In countries that support alphanumeric sender, Site Config item SMS_SENDER is used as the sender, can be numbers, letters and spaces. Only the first 11 characters are sent. By default this is set to #SITE_NAME# (which is certainly too long). Only some countries support alpha-numeric sender, see If your country is not on this list, we send from a local cell phone number which you cannot choose (unless you want to buy a phone number, send us an email to arrange).

SMS can be sent to most countries in the world, see Currently we have authorised SMS to Australia, New Zealand, Canada and USA only. Get in touch if you have members with phones in other countries.

Our North American customers can’t send SMS yet, get in touch and we will provision a USA phone number for sending SMS if you decide to use this service.

We invoice you for SMS annually with your annual invoice for the Booking Service. Charges to Australian users are $AUD0.15 each for the first 500 SMS, and $0.08 for the remainder. We pay for the service in $USD so if exchange rates change we may change this pricing, but not retrospectively and notice will be given to your Treasurer email address(es) as entered in your Site Config item BILLING_EMAIL.

SMS reminders

Reminders sent before a booking starts. (more…)

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Bulk SMS

Send from the same screen as bulk email, to members or booking email to bookings. (more…)

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