Setting up eWay

How to set up a new eWay account and connect it to the Booking Service:

eWay works with a merchant facility that you get from your bank, and talks to all major Australian banks. A merchant facility allows you to take payments by credit/debit card and hooks up to eWay which handles the on-line gateway. If your bank tries to sell you their own gateway, that won’t work as we don’t interface with each bank’s individual system. NAB in particular, pushes their Transact system and wastes your time until you push them to allow you to connect with eWay.

Here’s the link to get started with eWay, If it asks for a plan, select the Community Plan which is only available to not-for-profits, is cheap and will talk to all the banks.  More information and costs are at

eWay transfers your funds into your bank account overnight, automatically.

If you do not have a credit card facility with your bank, you need to apply for that. If you already have this, you need to tell the bank you will be taking payments online and respond to their questions (we can help with the answers).

How to link eWay to the Booking Service:

Currently each of the old and the new software frameworks used by the Booking Service support different eWay interfaces. The old interface is less capable and will retire when our new software takes over completely.

All the settings can be found in Site Configuration by entering “eway” (without the quotes) into the Variable Name filter. You find the values to input by logging in to your eWay account.

Setting up the old interface:

  • EWAY_ID is your 8 digit customer ID
  • eWay Username is the email address you use to login to eWay, also known as your “primary email address”

Setting up the new interface:


Follow instructions at to automate the communication of payment data from eWay to the Booking Service. Without this setting, you are relying on customers to click on the “complete transaction” button, which communicates the funds capture to the Booking Service. If they fail to click, no receipt is generated.

Select a wait time of zero seconds to reduce the chance that the user will close the screen before this happens. They are redirected to the Booking Service which shows the payment confirmation.