Setting up Paypal

For setting up the new features released 15/7/2020, skip down to REST API Creation – you already have the previous fields set up.

Click on your username (top right in the blue ribbon). Choose Account Settings.

Getting PDT token (PDT = Payment Data Transfer)
Menu on left → Website payments → Website preferences → update
turn Auto Return “On”
Set the Return URL to https://{your booking service URL}/payments/paypal/result.php
Also Payment Data Transfer → switch ON
To enter settings into the Booking Service, filter Site Config on PAYPAL in the Variable Name filter.

Copy and paste the Identity token from PayPal into Site Config PAYPAL_PDT_AUTH_TOKEN

Language Settings

Website payments → PayPal button language encoding → Update

More Options

IPN set up (Instant Payment Notification)
Account Settings → Notifications → Instant payment notifications → Update → choose IPN settings
There, add URL https://{your booking service URL}/payments/paypal/ipn_notifier.php
Turn on message delivery.

API keys:
Set up these Config Items:


In Paypal:
Account Settings → Website payments → API access → update
NVP/SOAP API integration (Classic)
Manage API credentials
Add the 3 fields into the Site Config, the fields show up in Site Config when you filter Variable Name with “Paypal” without the quotes.

The above settings will retire when the old software retires, but at the moment we are talking to Paypal in three different ways!

REST API Creation

These fields are required for the new Paypal buttons that appear in the new software framework. In addition, one-click refunds for payments made using our old software require the API keys listed above.

Go to –

Step 1: Click on “LIVE” under “My apps & credentials
Step 2: If you find an app-name already present under REST API apps section, you can click on the app-name and get the credentials. Else create an app using the following steps.
Step 2.1: Click on “Create app” button under REST API apps section
Step 2.2: Enter an app name. e.g. skilodge-app-live and click on ‘Create App
Step 3: Copy the generated following fields – Client ID, Secret
Step 4: Ensure that the status of Secret is “Enabled
Step 5: Add the 2 fields into the Site Config as above using:


Site Config is a menu in the in admin bookings screen (menu path – app/admin/site). Search for variable name PAYPAL_CLIENT_ID and PAYPAL_SECRET. Update these values with the details you captured from PayPal.