Custom Pages

Usually used for Booking Rules and Cancellation Rules.

You can create as many custom pages as needed. You can do all of this yourself except for making a new entry in the menu, email CBDWeb to get your menu changed.

A custom page uses a Configuration Item to provide the content of the page. The link to view this content is https://{your domain}/app/members/custom?page=booking_rule_html where “booking_rule_html” is the Variable Name of the Configuration Item.

A special trick is that the page title (shown by browsers in the browser tab, and also in browser history) is taken from the description field of the Configuration Item.

You can create a new Custom Page by going to the Configuration Items screen, and click on then enter the Variable Name which will become part of the link (URL) of the new page, tick “editable”, enter a description which becomes the Title of the new page, as above, enter PUBLIC for Role Read or else enter a Role such as BOOKINGS_MAKE (restrict the new page to users that can make a booking), or create a new role via admin menu → admin → roles, assign the access level you want to the new role and use the Role Title in the Configuration Item as the Role Read field.

The new page is visible as soon as you click on “save”. Potentially, any Configuration Item could be viewed in this way, hence the need to specify Read Role to restrict access. Most configuration items do not have a Role and therefore cannot be viewed.