CBDWeb hosts WordPress websites.

We host for our Booking Service customers and for other customers. For Booking Service customers, we provide an authentication plugin, which allows your members to login to your website using the same credentials they use to login to the Booking Service. This in turn allows you to have private pages, that can only be seen after members log in.

Our WordPress hosting is designed to be efficient and secure, so it differs from standard WordPress hosting. In particular, as a WordPress adminstrator you cannot install plugins, ask us for help with that.

All our wordpress sites use 2-factor login.

We do other hardening and security improvements for all of our sites. We mostly host sites we have created but we can import an existing WordPress site.

Two Factor Authentication

Default will send an email with a login code, to the address in your admin user record. (more…)

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Authenticating your members on WordPress

For WordPress we provide two plugins. Booking Service login credentials are used to login to your WordPress site. (more…)

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