Tokens are substituted into emails, depending on context.

Two types of token:

You can type a token in directly, or select a token from the tokens drop-down above the edit area. Select it then click on “insert”.

Configuration Items

Expressed as #token_name#. The token_name is found in Site Config and substituted. These tokens are always substituted when you send a test email, as they don’t need any context. Site Config tokens are substituted recursively.

A limited selection of the most commonly used Site Config items are listed in the tokens drop-down selector, but you can use any Site Config item as a token.

Data Record Items

%token% refers to items that are sourced from a relevant database record, either a booking, a member record or a transaction. Depending on the type of email a range of tokens is available. All available Data Record tokens are shown in the tokens selector above the edit area.

%tokens are not substituted if you send a test email from the Config Items screen. Some emails have another way of sending a test which does substitute %tokens, for example bulk emails and Subscription emails have a test button on their specific screens, not in Config Items. Testing a booking-related email template can be done via Manage Bookings, put your own email address into the booking (remember to put back the real address later), click Save then click the Email or Email Invoice button. Scheduled emails can’t be tested, maybe a future feature.