SMS reminders

Reminders sent before a booking starts.

To activate SMS, create (or ask us to create) a Site Config item REMINDER_SMS.

If your message is too long, we only send a max of 5 SMS messages, which equates to about 765 characters after allowing for control characters that are used to join up multiple messages. Remember that tokens can expand the length of the message.

Unicode characters are OK.

Unlike reminder emails, SMS are sent at an hour of your choosing. If you don’t set this, SMS are sent at 0800h Eastern Australia time (during daylight saving, 0800h DST NSW/Vic). Use Site Config SMS_HOUR, must be integer, 0 is midnight, 23 is 2300h. SMS is sent on the same day as the reminder email, controlled by Site Config item REMINDER_DAY_BEFORE. If this item is zero or blank, neither the email nor the SMS is sent.