Custom Member Fields

You can have up to 20 customised fields in each Member Record in the database.

To make a Custom Field active, put text in the Value field of a Config Item named e.g. CUSTOM1 up to CUSTOM20. We’ve created the first four for you already, but you can create more (see below).

If the value of the field is blank, the field won’t show when you edit member records. Making an existing field blank will hide the values but won’t remove them from the database. To clear the database values, download the member database in spreadsheet form, clear that column, and reupload, including only the membernumber and CUSTOM{n} column in the upload.

Members can see Custom Field values in their own member record (& other members if they are the Principal Member & you turn on Principle Member editing via Site Config item EDIT_FAMILY). Members can’t edit the values of Custom Fields.

To use CUSTOM values beyond CUSTOM4 you will need to create a new Configuration Item. It should look like this:

Once you create the Config Item as above, the content of the value* field appears as the label when the member’s data is viewed.

You can upload values of Custom Fields into member data via a spreadsheet with column heading CUSTOM1 etc.