Download a spreadsheet

Member data can be filtered and the results download.

Use the filters on the first tab “All Member” and then click on the “download” tab. You can choose different formats.

Select “Use database field names for headings (good for re-uploading)” to ensure column headings are set for re-uploading the file after you edit the data.

Booking Service columns will give you all the data for each record in the Member Database. Google and Outlook are designed for you to import into your contacts.

The result is a CSV file that you can open in your spreadsheet. Note that leading zeros e.g. in phone numbers or member numbers are included in the CSV file but you may have to persuade your spreadsheet not to discard these. For eXcel, try

For Open office, choose “Text” data type for the relevant columns when you import. Also choose UTF-8, which is the character set used by all our spreadsheets.