Bulk Email (to members)

Find this via admin menu → member & transaction → bulk email

This screen is also used to send bulk SMS.

Bulk email uses the same filters as your View Members page. The filters are set on the same form where you enter the email subject and body, and they select which records in your member database will receive the email.

From the bulk email page, you can review which members will receive by clicking on . This will show you the list of members on the View Members page. Then you can come back to the bulk email screen again by clicking the back button of your browser.

You can review the filters that were used after emails are sent as follows:

From the All Emails (the first) tab, click on the “date sent” column to open the log of sent emails for that day.
For bulk emails sent prior to 8th May 2021, this will display all emails on the date the email was sent. After that date a filter became available to identify the bulk emails more precisely.

You can send 10 test emails to an address that you nominate. This will send real emails, i.e. with tokens substituted for 10 real recipients, selected randomly from the filtered list of recipients.

Once you send the bulk email, that email template can no longer be edited. Instead it shows the number of emails sent. It also preserves the filters that were applied when the email was sent. Although you can’t edit an email once sent, you can make a new copy of it and edit that. You can edit a draft email as many times as you like, (one that has not been sent yet – test sends are not counted).

You can delete an email but only if it has not been sent. So the Booking Service maintains a record of all bulk emails.