Ensuring emails get delivered

The world of email is becoming more and more tightly controlled, to prevent spam.

It is important to set up your email to ensure deliverability.

If CBDWeb is your domain registrar then we have already taken care of this for you. If not, your hosting is probably located where your web site is hosted, or else at your domain registrar.

Check the Site Config item EMAIL_DOMAIN is correct. This specifies the domain name that our server is authorised to send as. When you set email addresses elsewhere, this domain is required, preventing you from attempting to send from any other domain.


Check that you have an SPF record for your domain. Your hosting provider will have instructions on how to set this up. In addition to elements that cover your website/email hosting that were most likely created automatically for you when you set up your website, you also need to authorise the CBDWeb server to send emails on behalf of your domain. Do this by adding include: _spf.cbdweb.net to your SPF record.


Ask us to set up DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail) for emails sent from our server. We will provide you with a DNS record that you insert into your DNS. You should also set up DKIM if not already for emails sent from your mail hosting/website provider. You will find instructions on their website.


Once the above are complete, you can create a DMARC record in your DNS. Get help from your web/mail hosting provider for this. An example DMARC record:
v=DMARC1; p=none. Publish this to your DNS as a TXT record with address _dmarc.{your domain name}.

Testing your email configurations

You can ask the Booking Service to send a test email to https://dkimvalidator.com/ which will check your SPF and DKIM configuration. Type into your browser’s address bar the following link:
https://{your booking service domain}/api/index.php?r=information/testemail&to={email address}

Get the email address to send to from the dkimvalidator page.
You must have the TEST_EMAIL role to use this.