Controlling Bookings

The Booking Service is very flexible with many ways of controlling bookings according to dates, member classes, public vs members etc.

The items shown below are not yet complete (far from it) and will be updated in the near future.

Common terminology that will help you understand these pages:

  • Lodge. Many of our customers have a single Lodge or location of accommodation. Some are multi-lodge, which means that more than one lodge shows on the opening matrix. In this case some configuration items are per-lodge, these show a Lodge name in the list of configuration items and have “group” set to Lodge Details.
  • Book-by-room vs book-by-bed.
    Each lodge is set to one of these configurations. Book-by-bed means the guest does not choose a specific room or bed but only books for a number of people. Bed allocation is performed by admin at a later time.
    Book-by-room shows a matrix row for each booking unit, which can be a room, or a bed, or combinations. You can name the “unit” using Configuration Item ACCOMMODATION_UNIT.
    A lodge is book-by-bed if (a) it shows a single row in the matrix and (b) there are numbers in each daily cell indicating beds available, or demand in the case of clubs that waitlist all booking requests.

Lodge Occupancy

This control is always used by book-by-bed lodges. (more…)

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Who can book

Can the public make a booking (i.e. no login required)? Control this using role BOOKINGS_MAKE. Set to Public to allow the public to see the matrix and make bookings. (more…)

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Priority Period

Members can make booking requests without regard to lodge capacity during the Priority Period. (more…)

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Lodge Special Periods

Special Periods can prevent all bookings for a date range, or just visually draw attention to a special period. (more…)

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Hold and Release Beds

Book-by-bed lodges set total occupancy allowed in each Season Period, using . (more…)

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You can blacklist a guest by typing [blacklist] into the admin comments. (more…)

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Review Date

Review Date allows you to set a date (usually automatic) when a waitlisted booking becomes eligible for consideration. (more…)

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