Direct Debit Gateway

Go Cardless is a direct debit (eCheck) gateway that operates much like a credit card gateway. Members create a payment mandate and your Booking Service takes payments from their bank account.

Open an account with and allow members to pay online by Direct Debit.


Pricing is at

Unfortunately Go Cardless does not handle state registered cooperative entities, so to use this gateway you will need to have an ASIC Ltd company, or a trust or other entity that is acceptable to Go Cardless.

In June 2022, Go Cardless will launch their connection to the New Payments Platform. BPay’s OSKO uses NPP so you are already familiar with it. Customers can use their phone number or ABN to make payments, and transfers are (almost) instant, unlike the current overnight settlement system. Imagine being on the phone to a member who clicks the button to authorize payment, and you see it instantly in your online banking.

North America

Pricing is at


After you open your account, you can connect it to The Booking Service via your admin menu -> admin -> Go Cardless

The first time a member attempts payment they will be taken to the Go Cardless website to enter their banking details and create the payment mandate. CBDWeb never sees these details. After creating the mandate their first payment is processed when they are returned to the Booking Service. Subsequent payments are taken without leaving the Booking Service pages.