Terms and Conditions

Add a T&C tickbox to the final booking step, also useful for check vaccination status.

To find these configs, go to Site Config, Config Items and filter varname on TERMS_CONDITIONS and you should see two config items:

  • TERMS_CONDITIONS – address of link that will open when clicked (e.g. https://www.cbdweb.net/ )
    If this is blank, the text below is shown but not as a link.
  • TERMS_CONDITIONS_TEXT – text that will display next to the checkbox e.g. “I warrant that all guests are vaccinated”. If you put a link in the config item above, then this text links to the address given above.
    If this is blank, no tickbox is shown, i.e. turn off this feature.

Before the TEXT is a tickbox which must be ticked in order to finalise or pay for the booking.

The link can load a web page or a PDF. If a page, it will open in a new tab or window.