Promotions appear after a booking is completed, with or without payment.

Promotions are not very prominent in the old software but appear as a pop-up, impossible to miss, in the new software soon to be released.


First Night
Last Night
If the booking falls within this date range, it is eligible.
Note the Calculation Rule field affects overlap cases.
Qualify Start
Qualify End
The booking must be made during this date range to qualify.
The promotion will not appear if the date the booking is created is outside this range.
Calculation RuleIf set to “entire”, the whole booking must fall within the First/Last Night range.
If set to “start”, only the start night needs to fall within the First/Last Night range.
If “end”, only the last night needs to fall within the range.
Minimum guestsDoes not include guests whose tariff does not include a bed.

If there is demand, it would be possible to include the Promotion text in booking emails, so let us know if you would use this.