Kiosk for Room Allocations

Display room allocations on a tablet or computer screen in the lodge.

Show real-time bed/room allocation information via a kiosk. For example you can fix an Android tablet to a wall, using an enclosure e.g. Set up the device so it automatically runs a browser, and the browser is locked down to a single address:
https://{your Booking Service domain}/api/index.php?r=information/roomoccupation&apikey={apikey}&start=2019-08-02&end=2019-08-8
For example, one way to lock down a tablet is Kiosk Browser Remote Management ( on each tablet and access the management console via a browser. On each tablet this app locks down everything and will only reboot the tablet to the app.

Parameters start with &

Additional parameters include:

&lodge={lodgecode} only used if you have multiple lodges. You need to ask support what your lodge codes are, can be e.g. buller, falls, thredbo etc but if that doesn’t work please ask.

&field=name or &field=tariffType to restrict the information. Default is to show both name and tariffType.

&datetext= will include Date Text information. If you put any text after the “=” equals sign, it will be prepended to the Date Text information, e.g. “Lodge%20Captain:%20”, but don’t include the quotes. %20 decodes to a single space, this is called URL encoding.

You can omit &start and &end. Default start is today, default end is 7 nights from start. You can override the 7 night duration using Site Config item INFORMATION_WEEK (create the item if it does not already exist).

To set up your API key, give it the role “roomoccupation”, without the quotes.


Only give the API key the one role.

Make sure the device (kiosk) is locked down and the user cannot:

  1. see the address bar of the browser (this would expose the API key)
  2. see browsing history
  3. see any browser menu

Change the API key periodically. To do this, edit the key and click on “generate key”. Don’t forget to click on “save”. Copy the key to the clipboard and update your kiosk device.


If you find a better or cheaper way to control your kiosk, please let us know so we can share the information here.