Subscription Payments

To find out how many subs have been paid, the total received and the total still owing:

  • You need to find all the subs invoices.
  • There are three ways of creating subs invoices.
  • The main way of creating subs invoices is in a batch via admin menu → member & transaction → send subscription invoices . Recent dates are shown at the top – you need the date the invoices were created, not the date the emails were sent.
  • The second way to create subs invoices is by uploading a spreadsheet of transaction data, and ticking the “subs invoice” box when you upload. If you have done this, you need to run another report for that date.
  • The last way to create a subs invoice is to use the button, and tick the box to make it a subscription invoice. These could be hard to find later. If you download all invoices for a range of dates that you expect will include all subs invoices, you can filter in the spreadsheet using the “is subs invoice” column to get just the subs invoices from any date, and skip the next step.
  • Now that you know the date(s) subs invoices were created, return to Manage Transactions. Filter by date (make the start and finish dates equal to the date subs invoices were created), and filter by transaction type (INVOICE), then move to the Download tab and get a spreadsheet of subscription invoices. Delete any non-subs invoices from the spreadsheet if any were included.
  • The spreadsheet includes the amount of each invoice, and a 0/1 column indicating whether paid. The paid status is based on the member paying their outstanding balance after the invoice was created, or if you have turned on the Configuration Item PAY_SUBS_INVOICE, the member may have paid just their subscription. Also an administrator can mark a subscription invoice as paid (if you do this, it’s also up to you to advance the member’s paid-to date).

How subscription invoicing works…