Administrator Logins

Admin logins are managed via admin menu → admin → manage access.

Each admin login has an access level, which you can edit at any time. You can edit other administrator’s logins if you have the MANAGEACCESS role. Beware of changing your own access level downwards, you may lock yourself out.

The email address in this screen is used only for password recovery. To request a new password, this email address must be entered. When you create a new Admin login, there is no password. The new administrator must have a password emailed to them via the admin login screen.

When you login, enter your User Login ID and password.

Deleting a login won’t adversely affect any transactions or work done by the account you delete. The deleted login username will continue to be displayed wherever “updated by” and “created by” is shown, also in the Booking Changes tab on your Manage Bookings screen.

Any administrator with the ROLES role can create, edit and delete any admin login. Normally this role is given only to the highest level of admin access, but you can edit the role if desired.