Duo Security

Duo Security provides our WordPress sites with 2-factor security.

How to get your Duo admin login:

  • Install Duo Security app on phone. Android. iPhone.
  • Login to WordPress website,
  • follow prompts, choose “Duo Push” and “phone” not tablet etc.

How to login with Duo.

After your WordPress login, Duo shows a screen that offers various ways to authenticate. In general, do not use “text message” nor “phone call” as these use “telephony credits” which have to be purchased. Your Duo account is a free account which comes with a small allowance of telephony credits. Use either “Send me a push” or “enter a passcode”. Push requires Duo to be open on your phone before asking for the push to be sent. Passcodes are obtained from the Duo app on your phone.

What to do if you get a new phone, or otherwise lose your Duo connection:

  • Contact an administrator of your Duo account. CBDWeb is one, your webmaster may also be a Duo administrator.
  • Your user account with Duo needs to be deleted.
  • You can then re-enroll as a new user with Duo, as above.
  • A paid Duo account has better options for moving to a new phone etc., but the free Duo accounts are better value for our customers.