Booking Service login widget

Our Booking Service customers can login to their WordPress site using the Booking Service credentials.

This is not for WordPress admin use, it allows “subscriber” i.e. read-only access to wordpress pages for your Booking Service members.

Ask us to install the plugins and set up the necessary API keys to make it work. A login widget can then be installed into one of your widget areas, e.g. the footer or sidebar of your pages.

Members using this to login can get access to pages marked as “private”, so you can have member-only pages on your WordPress website.

Note that if your Booking Service is set to use passwords, then some settings need to be changed in WordPress to match. Your Booking Service is using passwords if Site Config item LOGIN_PASSWORD is set to YES (ticked).
In this case, in WordPress admin menu → settings → Login widget settings, make sure your settings are: